Baby Powder – A Link to Ovarian Cancer

“The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits.” Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom

I know that’s a very odd quote to start a post about organic skin care products especially for babies. Below I explain what I believe is the motivation for some lawsuits that we see today like the Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder lawsuit.

These facts have helped mold and shape what I think about big business and my decision to buy, grow or make my own organic items. Stay with me though to the end to understand this interconnection with corporations and my decision for my family’s health.

While you read through the end of this post ask yourself, “Did, or am I, using Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder on my baby or myself?”  This is a MUST read! 

Who is Milton Friedman and what does he and social responsibility have to do with a health and wellness blog? Well EVERYTHING. Friedman authored a small article that was published in The New Yorker magazine in the ’70s supporting the debate that corporations are responsible to their shareholders and not society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is and should be a concern of corporations but often is not. For example, if I invest in a corporation, than I have the right to say where and how the profits are spent because it’s my money. Shareholders are in it for the money, NOT for you and NOT for your health and safety. Although managers can, and should, be held accountable when something they consent to goes deeply wrong.

Nothing really makes me angrier more than someone or something (corporations) taking away my freedom to choose what’s best for me because they have chosen to use inadequate ingredients or equipment to make a product without consideration for anything except profit.

I want you to understand that this is still happening. It’s not something in the past like the traveling caravan who sold people snake oil as a cure all. In this day and age – it is STILL happening!

Because of what I’ve learned about corporations, not all of them, moved me in the direction of organics. Organic food, organic make up, personal care products, and baby products to name a few. My husband and I do the best we can with this endeavor.

It can be really hard and frustrating to buy all organic if you’re on a limited budget, but can choose to use just a few items at a time you are taking steps is a direction that will benefit you and your family in the long run. Let me explain further the connection between corporate decisions and how they have negatively affected society and perhaps you directly!

Social Irresponsibility

A brief history lesson on corporations. The corporate social responsibility debate goes way back. Early American Colonial businesses were mainly for the purpose of social infrastructure like providing water or fighting fires. These corporations were government owned and highly regulated to help society. Slowly the States started to allow self incorporation to conduct private business.

Skip to the early 1900s, Henry Ford owned 58% of his own company. The Dodge brothers owned 10%. Mr. Ford decided to use some of the company’s profits to reinvest in hiring men in turn helping workers have an affordable wage to have better lives. The Dodge’s sued Ford claiming he was using their corporate money for his own views and purposes, and the Michigan State Supreme Court agreed! The Court stated corporations exist to benefit its stockholders and that corporate directors have discretion only in the means to achieve that goal. It may not use profits for other purposes. Read more about Ford v Dodge here.

Now that’s a very, very brief history lesson, but it makes the point.

Have you heard of this? Basically, Johnson & Johnson knew their baby powder and other talcum products are linked to cancer. They actually found fibers from the talc in the tumors.  40% of women who have had ovarian cancer were Johnson & Johnson talcum powder users.

And this from a corporation claiming to be from a “family” company! Ha, the only family they are concerned about is their own and how much they profit!


Why did they do this?


So What Do We Do?

We do what we can to help ourselves, our families and friends. Research, educate and spread the word. Take your power back. To help myself and my family I try, and not always successfully, to buy and use organic products and food.

Are you as horrified as I was to learn about the Johnson and Johnson product? It’s one thing to lie about products for adults but for goodness sake lying about a product for babies! Babies should be the last target of a scheme like that.

I have found a beautiful company which is family run whose philosophy resonates with mine: Ora’s Amazing Herbal. Ora’s Herbal was born from the need and desire to be healthy and trust in the ingredients. They have face and body care items, baby care items and even tattoo care and beard oil!

The baby care items include powders and salves. Our babies deserve pure ingredients. They depend on use to choose wisely for them. What better way than to start their little journeys off with some of the organic

Here is some information about the baby salve. We should take extra care of our little guys and gals. They deserve the best of everything. It’s paraben free and works to prevent and soothe irritations like diaper rash.

Keep that squishy tushy dry, soft, and fresh. This talc free and corn free powder absorbs moisture, balances pH and soothes irritated skin. The kaolin clay we use is tested to be lead free, and arrowroot and organic plantain leaf are anti inflammatory ingredients. Baking soda is used to help prevent microbial growth but in a very small amount so as not to interrupt the pH of the skin. Fragrance free. Free of Parabens, Talc, Synthetics, Gluten, Grains & Fragrances. Never Tested on Animals.

Visit Ora’s now to order this wonderful baby powder for your baby or as a gift for an expecting mommy or daddy. Click here to order.

Ora’s also has a slave for newborns and babies.

Natural Diaper Cream, Cloth Diaper Safe – Midwife, Pediatrician and Mom Approved. We all take extra care with our newborn babies. This pure and gentle, paraben free Newborn Salve is formulated with six trustworthy ingredients for cleansing in between baths, preventing and soothing irritations as a natural diaper cream, moisturizing and protecting new baby skin.

Click here to order the newborn salve.

You’ve Got This!

We must research, we must educate ourselves on ingredients and the motives of corporations. And we do the BEST that we can with what we have. My website’s name: My Healthy Best doesn’t just mean being in the best health. It means just what I said, doing the best for ourselves and our families with what we have and can afford at this moment in time.

Perhaps you can not afford to make drastic changes to what you use or eat. THAT’S OKAY. If you’re become more informed about what I’m writing about and make one small change you are taking a step in taking control over your choices.

Please leave me a comment and share your thoughts and feelings about corporations and what they’ve done and hidden from the public.

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