How to Start an Alkaline Diet for Weight Loss

In my previous post I wrote about the Paleo aka Caveman Diet. This post will look at the Alkaline Diet.

As I mentioned in the caveman diet plan post, we are not all created equal. What works for my weight loss may not work for you. An example would include why some people eat the same quantity and types of foods while some remain thin and healthy and others plump up and health starts to deteriorate.

We have different body chemistries, different genes and very different social upbringings. Heck even where you live in the world will influence your actions and reactions to food. And varying laws about what can be added to foods as far as colors and preservatives will impact us in different countries. 

The alkaline diet is appealing to many people because it is a complete 180-degree turn from the high-protein, low carbohydrate diets of the past few years. The alkaline diet is also known as the Young Diet after its creator Robert Young, and has a totally different approach to nutrition. Many professionals see it as a more balanced approach to nutrition that takes the body’s true needs into account.

What’s An Alkaline Diet 

The human body has a pH that is slightly alkaline. Young co-wrote the book called, “The pH Miracle” in 2010. The theory is that since the human body runs at a slightly alkaline pH, our diet should be comprised of mostly alkaline foods.

The American diet has many foods that are considered acidic, such as animal protein, sugar, caffeine and packaged foods. All of these foods disrupt the pH balance of the body, and may cause a host of health problems. The proponents of the alkaline diet say these acidic foods actually disrupt the body’s use of alkaline minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

The alkaline diet is a transition from the standard American diet that has become our reality. This eating plan requires you to challenge stereotypes about nutrition such as how important meat and dairy is to your health. Success on the alkaline plan does not require a complete change to every meal in order to work. If you like meat, eat it, but limit it and balance it within the day’s food plan. Making one change at a time, and keeping foods in your diet once in a while, will absolutely help the transition. The goal of the diet is find a balance of 70% alkaline and 30% acid foods. This means that you can still enjoy the foods that you love as long as they are balanced by alkalizing foods.

The transition to an ideal alkaline balance should be completed at your own pace especially if you have a love for acidic foods. Your body will need time to adjust to the new way of eating.

Alkaline Pros and Cons

Pros of the alkaline diet include increased fruit, vegetable and grain consumption. People on the alkaline diet claim to have increased energy and less gastrointestinal problems. This diet plan doesn’t totally eliminate foods but allows you to eat acidic foods within the suggested daily percentage. This allows for the diet not to be too restrictive or boring which is a problem with many other diets.

The cons do not have a very strong argument against this type of diet. Professionals suggest there is no scientific evidence that this diet works. Limiting meat, dairy and eggs may not give you nutrients needed, but remember you do not have to exclude them entirely. Additionally, professionals suggest the body regulates its own pH and food can not alter it.

Alkaline Diet App

There are several apps out there to assist you with your busy life and keep you on track with the alkaline diet.

  • Alkaline Diet Plan App by Chelin – this app has information about the diet and meal plans.
  • Alkaline Diet – Food Search App – this app looks awesome. It has a list of foods and will tell you the pH level of them. That’s a cool tool.
  • Alkaline Diet Food Recipes, Balance your Body’s Ph – Alkaline food recipes.

I love apps especially time saving ones. Leave me a comment at the end of this post and let me know if you have a good one for the alkaline diet!

Alkaline Diet and Weight Loss

Well just like the paleo diet, there will be weight loss following the alkaline diet. And also like the paleo diet, the alkaline diet restricts sugar and processed foods. So both of these diets will work to help you lose weight if for no other reason than you stop eating the not good for you foods in both plans.

It is not really known if the paleo or alkaline philosophies help with weight loss. This is where our human differences will play a role in which diet gives us “success” with weight loss. Do you prefer paleo and eating more meat and no beans? Or are you a vegetarian and don’t eat meat and love beans like with the alkaline diet?

I do not eat red meat. I can’t say I never eat meat because I do eat chicken once is a while.  So mostly I do NATURALLY follow and prefer the alkaline diet. Have I lost weight with the alkaline diet? Yes, yes I have, but I do not give credit to eating more alkaline foods, but rather to eating healthy and cutting the crap foods out of my diet.

I have not tried paleo for the only one reason I do not eat red meat, and I love beans. They have become a staple in my diet. I suspect though, those of you who do follow paleo have lost weight for the same reasons I lost with alkaline – because you cut the crap out.

The Verdict

No matter which weight loss plan you follow, any will require a gradual shift in eating habits to be successful. I once tried a low carb diet which required no carbs at all for two weeks. This included bad carbs like bread and good carbs like fruit. This was to get your body detoxed from carbs and then you gradually reintroduced the good carbs. Well after two weeks of zero carbs I freaking crashed and could not stop eating all the carbs I could shove in my mouth.

Can anyone relate to my defeat? So apparently that low carb plan did not suit my body chemistry!

As I already stated I find the alkaline diet a natural way for me to eat. It agrees with my likes and dislikes. Losing weight required a little more for me than just eating alkaline. For example, I had to incorporate exercise too. I used the HIIT weight lifting method to enhance the loss of fat. Want to know more about HIIT? Check out my previous post on HIIT.

With combining my alkaline eating with HIIT weights it worked. My bad cholesterol on my most resent blood tests about two weeks ago showed my bad cholesterol came down almost 1 point per pound lost! I was ecstatic because for about 5 years I had ZERO success with weight loss and getting that cholesterol to drop!

However, there is one key thing I’m not telling you about that helped me with that success. The key that propelled me to success is….

Oh, wait, I can’t tell you until my next post! Oh no Mr. Bill (older Saturday night live fans will recognize that reference)

Yes, stay tuned to the third installment of diet plans to find out what I identified as the key for losing weight. It was not one single thing that provided me with success but a combination.

Talk to you soon!

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