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The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

One of my all time favorite quotes can apply to almost every situation. That’s one reason I like it. Another reason is because it’s spot on! Researching the originator of the quote was difficult. It appears that no one really knows who coined it, but it is often Albert Einstein who gets the credit.

I find this quote is perfect for all kinds of topics. I often use this one at my day job. I tend to be an out of the box thinker and I find this quote does often convince others to try new things when the old ways are not producing the planned results any longer.

And it’s perfect for health and fitness scenarios no? If I continue to eat the same way, stop exercising or tell myself I don’t need it, and expect to lose weight is it not utterly senseless? See what I mean? That quote can be applied to all situations!

I love quotes! Especially motivational ones. They’re just so brief, on point and powerful. I use them to make myself feel better when I’m having a bad day. I love reading them when I’m working out or when I want to deviate (cheat) from my diet. I find that I can feel the power and strength in those quotes, so I decided to share some of the best quotes I’ve found to give me strength in my weaker times.

The power of words 

Whether you’re aware of it or you are and just don’t care, the power of words you speak have very much influence over another person’s perception.

I have an extraordinary example to show you the results of words and even just “thoughts” on water. Masaru Emoto spoke words, positive and negative, to water and froze it. Pictures were taken of the crystals the water formed. The results are outstanding. Now I have a clip to show you but before you watch it remember that 60% of the human body is water. This is amazing!

So how powerful is that to show you how words affect us?  Well, I mean, how powerful words are to water. You could easily send positive vibes to the water you’re about to drink and feel good about not eating, or the exercise you need to complete. The list is endless!

Below are some of the quotes I find to especially helpful to empower me. I hope you will use the following quotes to motivate and remind yourself you can do it! No matter what it is, you’ve got this! Here are my top motivational quotes:

I want to see what happens if I don’t give up

Beautiful quote for diet and exercise when you want to give up! Just because is difficult doesn’t justify stopping. So things may not be going the way you planned, that’s okay. Honestly doesn’t it really ever go as planned? Accept what is currently happening in your situation and continue on!

Keep picturing what you will look like and how much better you’ll feel when you don’t give up.

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about the methods

This flows perfectly with the above quote. By being accepting and flexible when something doesn’t go as planned but not giving up you WILL succeed.

Set up an end goal with milestones. No matter what happens, no matter what setbacks, adapt and keep moving. Tracking the achievement of each milestone while recognizing any deviations from your plans will definitely be encouraging and help you attain that end goal.

How powerful are those words for your fitness success? One of the things that makes me more stubborn then anything else is when someone tells me I can’t do something. I’m not sure why that’s a trigger for me, but whoa is it! Talk about stubborn. I won’t rest until I accomplish whatever it is that someone tells me I can’t!

How about you? Do you get stubborn when someone tells you that you can’t do something? Let me know by dropping me a comment below.

Your body can do it. It’s time to convince your mind

Negative thinking, in my opinion, is one of the biggest monsters to battle. It can be worse if your social interactions with your family promoted self blame and hatred.

I absolutely struggle with negative thinking about myself which is why I love positive motivating quotes. And which is also why I struggle with eating too much and eating the wrong types of foods. As soon as I feel that negative center turn on in my mind, I start reading these positive quotes and more.

The good news is you can turn around and shut up that negative thinking. Surround yourself with positive words. Look at them and digest their meaning.

Also, when you have a negative thought try to imagine what you would say to your best friend if they spouted those words to you. If you must write down the negative thought and try it. Is that negative thought realistic? This is termed as cognitive reframing. Now don’t get caught up in the psycho babble terminology. It works, we all do it most of the time naturally. I just wanted you to know it has a name and you can read more about it by clicking these words cognitive reframing.

You didn’t come this far only to come this far

This quote kind of goes along with the first one and not giving up.

We all have our reasons for getting fit with exercise and healthy eating. No matter what your reason, it’s important to you. And that’s enough of a reason to reach that goal.

Don’t stop now you can and will do it!

Those are some powerful words

Words and thoughts are powerful there’s no doubt about that. Words affect our perception especially about ourselves. Please be kind when speaking to others and yourself.

If you realize you’re judging yourself harshly and start that downward spiral just stop and ask yourself how you came to that opinion about yourself. Put those quotes around you where you can see them. Either post them in the area you exercise, or write them out and put them in places you need them the most.

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave me a comment below with your favorite motivational quote.

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