Chronic Lower Back Pain Exercises

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Muscle aches, stabbing, burning and radiating back pain

Having a sore back is awful, and probably the worst kind to have. It’s hard to move even to walk to sit comfortably with back pain. When I first started yoga – oh, I could hardly move the next day and every move and step caused me pain from soreness. Yikes!

There’s no messing around with lower back pain. If you have back pain which you have experienced without a cause, I encourage you to seek medical attention to rule out any and all serious conditions.

If you’ve ruled out medical conditions and have discovered you have that nagging sore back read to the end of this article to discover some common causes and what to do about it!

Lower Back Pain Causes

Minus any medical reasons for back pain it can be caused by such things as sitting too much (one of my biggest work hazards!), lying down too much, working out too much and doing too many chores (oh never ending!).

Common denominator? Doing an activity too much. Sure there are other causes like wearing a backpack or sleeping the wrong way, but most common reason for lower back pain is from over doing an activity or lack of an activity.

Yep, so moderation as with anything will be the key to keeping the muscle strain away. What else can work when we ignore that inner voice when we need to stop something or we know we’ll suffer with back pain later.

Best Back Pain Treatment

There is not a one size fits all for pain treatment. Here are some of the more common and helpful ways to treat back pain.

Prevention is the obvious way to avoid a nasty back muscle pull. If you can avoid it, do it! I once pulled my back so severely, I couldn’t walk without my husband walking behind me sliding my feet with his because I couldn’t move! That taught me the lesson of prevention. It was awful!

Here are the top three ways to help prevent and decrease lower back pain. 

Straighten up buttercup! Make sure you’re walking with your shoulders back and drawn down away from the ears. Also when sitting be sure not to hunch and support your lower back with an ergonomic chair or padding.

Try some back and abdomen muscle strengthening exercises like these: 5 Low Impact Moves to Strengthen Your Back and Core

And lastly, the big one that everyone can relate to, reduce stress! I love doing yoga. It does help my mood,

A few years ago I was having a rough time at work, and the same year my dad and sister died six months apart. My stress level was through the roof and I felt totally out of control. Somehow I found my way to yoga. It’s a beginner, at home, program and I still use it to this day. Oh and on top of that, I have a job that I sit for the majority of the day, and yep you guessed it, my back started to ache daily.

I’m sure it was a combination of stress and sitting causing my back to hurt. After performing yoga for a month my back pain subsided, but I wasn’t sure if it was helping my stress. I still did not want to go to work and because of my sister’s sudden death I felt like I was just walking around in a dream the rest of that year.

So I didn’t realize how much the yoga helped my mood and stress until I stopped doing it. After not doing yoga for a couple of weeks I noticed my mood had gone from bad to worse. All I could think was could it be that easy to help my mood? Yes, yes it was. Please read more about yoga and the mind connection from my previous blog, “Yoga and the Mind Body Connection

I have gone back to consistently doing yoga stretches. I do them at home with a CD I bought for beginners. I did buy a yoga mat to help my feet stay positioned during the poses. That was all of my expense. This doesn’t have to be costly to you. No need to join a yoga class or gym, unless you want to.

Back Pain Gone “Poof”

Okay, okay so maybe yoga isn’t for you no matter how much you want to try or think it’s a good idea. There’s another way I help stretch my back and relieve pain and everyone can do it – it’s that simple. All you need to be able to do is lie on your back.

Here’s what I do:

  • Lie on your back.
  • Lift your hips and place a thick rolled up towel under your tail bone.
  • Place your hands to your sides for support.
  • Lower your legs and allow your hips to open up.

Now the towel needs to be thick and firm enough to give your back the lift enough to help expand your hips. That’s what gives the muscles the stretch they need. I used a towel to do this stretch for more than a year.

Then I bought something for a different purpose. I bought a nifty foam roller that is much more then a round roller. I came across a foam roller that actually has grooves to accommodate the spine and other bone to provide a deeper, more satisfying massage to the muscle. It’s called the Rollga foam roller and I bought it to help my stiff shoulder muscles, but found out quickly that It is one of the most versatile foam rollers I’ve ever owned!

Rollga for Lower Back Pain and Much More

Imagine my surprise when I was looking at the website for my rollga and I found out it is perfect for the back stretch I had previously been doing with a towel! So I tried it and yep it is awesome because it actually fits around the tailbone making it more comfortable than a towel or regular foam roller.

Don’t get me wrong here, I used a towel successfully for more than a year to do the lower back and hip stretch, and you can too. I just found it simply amusing that I bought my rollga for one thing and it works wonders for the same stretch!

Here are some of the other perks of the Rollga:

It is designed to stabilize the hips, align the back, and increase range-of-motion, and doesn’t cause discomfort or pain due to it’s unfitting design like a regular foam roller.

Because of the rollga contours around your spine, the pressure points are directly where you need them, on the muscle!! I use my rollga lots of ways. I use it again a wall to get my upper shoulder/neck area and to move it up my back it offers double duty with squats! I get a workout doing squats while I’m massaging my should muscles.

I will write a future review of all the fantastic benefits of the rollga foam roller. If you want to check them out now and read more about the benefits visit their site Rollga.

Lower Back Pain Gone

Whichever way you choose to help your lower back pain, just try one! Pick one way to work out that lower back pain, and stick with it. Be consistent, and if you find one didn’t work well try another until you get some relief.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve tried any of the above suggestions and if it brought you the relief you needed.

Thanks for reading, and watch for my upcoming review of the Rollga foam roller.

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